Lincolnwood Jr. / Sr. High Staff Directory

Photo of Shawn Andrews

Shawn Andrews

JH/HS Social Studies

Photo of Sue Bailey

Sue Bailey

LW Para Pro/Bus Driver

Photo of Judy Best

Judy Best

HS Art/HS Home Ec/Speech/ResourceMgt

Photo of Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns

JH English/Lit

Photo of Ricki Castellanos

Ricki Castellanos

LW Para Professional

Photo of Kassi Charles

Kassi Charles


Photo of Wendy Cook

Wendy Cook

HS Science

Photo of Leslie Cowdrey
Photo of Jessica Deardorff

Jessica Deardorff

Life Skills Para Professional

Photo of Monty Elvidge

Monty Elvidge

High School Ag/Outdoor Science

Photo of Sarah Fairbanks

Sarah Fairbanks

Lincolnwood Band

Photo of Dawn Germann

Dawn Germann

Lincolnwood Secretary

Photo of Will Gunn

Will Gunn

JH/HS Social Studies

Photo of Michelle Hall

Michelle Hall

HS Cross Category

Photo of Alexis Hardy

Alexis Hardy

LW Cross Category

Photo of Andrea Horath

Andrea Horath

Intervention Teacher

Photo of Debbie Jenkins

Debbie Jenkins

JH/HS Math

Photo of Caleb Kirkpatrick
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Photo of Chris Lipe

Chris Lipe

LJHS Cross Cat/Resource

Photo of Carrie Matthews

Carrie Matthews

Technology Teacher

Photo of Matt Millburg

Matt Millburg

JH/HS PE/Drivers Ed

Photo of Dee Neisler

Dee Neisler

6th Grade

Photo of Greg Neisler

Greg Neisler

6th Grade

Photo of Madi Norville

Madi Norville

High School English

Photo of Monica Ortega

Monica Ortega

HS Spanish

Photo of Verne Pinkston

Verne Pinkston

Lincolnwood Library Para Professional

Photo of Sydney Schmidt

Sydney Schmidt

HS Biology/JH Science

Photo of Dana Schott
Photo of Ken Schuster

Ken Schuster

Lincolnwood Principal

Photo of Charlotte Spoon

Charlotte Spoon

LW Para Professional

Photo of Kelli Stewart

Kelli Stewart


Photo of Josh Stone

Josh Stone

JH/HS PE/Health

Photo of Zack Wieland

Zack Wieland

HS Math